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"You know you've found your passion when it doesn't feel like work" -Dwayne


Raised in Brooklyn New York, as a young boy Dwayne has always been fascinated by the performance of actors in film and television. He has always felt drawn to to the art of acting. After some years, he decided to pursue his dream and began training and studying with two very well known acting coaches in New York. Bruce Ornstein's acting studios and Barry Shapiro's commercial studios After incubating himself for a good few years in training learning scene study, improvisation, theatrical, commercial,  and theater techniques, he began to audition.

So far he has successfully appeared on several television shows such as The Murder Tapes and Homicide City, just to name a few. He has played Lead roles in films like Stuck on Probation and The Hair Hoarder. He has also played strong supporting roles in films such as "Cracked" a Spike Lee backed film that takes place in the 1984. Dwayne has yet to show any signs of slowing down, he is confident and self motivated and always ready to work. His favorite quote "I'm just getting started.    

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